CAD Challenge of the Month (September 2017 – January 2018)

The students must make a 3D solid model on September 2017-January 2018 on this challenge. Each challenge will be the assignment of “CAD and CAE” subject. The problem is given as a 2D detailed drawing. The challenge must be completed on the specified month (until the end of the month). The following links are 2D drawing problem on each month.

The students must use Autodesk Fusion 360 to finish these challenges. Each student has a project course ID for completing the challenges. The project course IDs used are as following.

  • AP0652-AP0652504140-09/2017 for 02.2011.1.08367 to 02.2014.1.08930 (class A)
  • AP0652-AP0652504142-09/2017 for 02.2014.1.08867 to 02.2015.1.09098, and 02.2016.1.90604 (class H)
  • AP0652-AP0652504143-09/2017 for 02.2014.1.08828 to 02.2014.1.08860 (class H)
  • AP0652-AP0652504144-09/2017 for 02.2012.1.08477 to 02.2014.1.08895 (class H1)
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